Geek Show - Love Edition

Geek Show - Love Edition
Stage 773 (1225 W Belmont Ave)

Love is love. VStheUNIVERSE is bringing The Geek Show back to Stage773 to show off the things we cherish and adore! Join VtU as they gush about their favorite things and laugh along with them during Chicago's best variety show!

This month The Geek Show welcomes two very special guests and a few more surprises!

  • Keidra Chaney, Editor-In-Chief of The Learned Fangirl and all-around rockstar!
  • Pat O'Rourke, DM and creator of The Dungeon Rats!
  • Comedian Mike Hover joins us for a spell!
  • A brand-new game! The Sean Bean Dream Team!
  • A special musical performance from "Love Songs of Nintendo!"

In 2015, VStheUNIVERSE launched a Kickstarter to fund The Geek Show for another year of shows. Thanks to the fans' support they were able to produce a full year of shows AND THEN SOME. This show will also mark the launch of VStheUNIVERSE's on-going Patreon campaign, so come out, show your support, and have a good time! The Geek Show can only survive if VStheUNIVERSE raises enough money to keep it going!


"In other words, it’s nerdtastic and awesome. It’s very unique and I think it will bring a lot of the geek community closer together. It’s a way to introduce nerds to other cool things that are happening in Chicago that they probably wouldn’t know about." - Geek Bar DLC

"A charming and fun look at all things geek in Chicago, Geek Show is the 'The CW's The Flash' of talk shows." - Mike Chuck Bretzlaff of Chicago Loot Drop

"The Geek Show is a fantastic Chicago-centric live talk show that celebrates nerd culture through skits and introduces local geeky celebrities with its interviews. It's a can't miss event." - Kevin Treski, President of Play On Chicago

"I highly recommend VStheUniverse’s work. It’s fun. It’s celebratory. And it illustrates the true purpose of fandom." - ChicagoNOW