Geek Show - Puppet Edition

Geek Show - Puppet Edition
Stage 773 (1225 W Belmont Ave)

It's time to play the music...
It's time to light the lights...

Listen, we can't hide it. VStheUNIVERSE *LOVES* puppets! They're fun as heck! So we're gonna do a whole show celebrating our favorite Puppet stuff! We'll sing our favorite tunes from Avenue Q, discuss the difference between a puppet and a Muppet, and maybe we'll shoot someone out of a cannon! WHO KNOWS! WE'RE GONNA GET NUTS!


Special Appearances by:

  • Pranks Paul
  • Liz Anderson
  • Rob Grabowski
  • C.J. Tuor
  • Caroline Nash

Hosted by Aaron J. Amendola

ALSO HEY GUESS WHAT? VStheUNIVERSE has some really spiffy looking shirts now! We'll be selling them at the show for $20, but if you're a Patreon subscribers then we'll knock $5 off the price!